Doug Travis

Doug Travis is a New Jersey born musician who brings an eclectic-esoteric blend of Classical Jazz entertainment.  He has been performing as both a pianist and vocalist for over 34 years.   You may also see him perform on a multitude of other instruments, including the banjo and trumpet, since his musical creativity and skills are uncapped. His top influencers are Thelonious Monk, Chopin, Dr. John, Styx, and Frank Zappa.  Doug’s passion and love for music has led him on tours both nationally and internationally.  Performing in some of the top locations around the world, Doug has shared his remarkable talent on tours throughout the United States, Bermuda, Japan, and South America. 


Doug also participates in many Jazz festivals and parades with blues artists and Latin bands.  These events take him throughout the USA on both banjo and piano.  His favorite yearly event is his participation in a string band brigade that performs every New Year’s Day in the city of Philadelphia.


Doug’s versatile nature has lead him to perform with many different genres, such as Island Music, Jazz, Blues, and String bands.  He has accompanied and directed choirs for special events.  In addition to his ability to perform, Doug also enjoys coaching voice, piano, trumpet, banjo, and bass guitar.  





Santo Florelli

Santo was born in Sicily and spent part of his childhood in New Jersey.

 In the early 90’s he began studying with the composer and drummer Max Biaselli


Graduated from the Artistic Lyceum P. Klee in Genoa, Italy, which along with academics, also specialized in visual communication and design.

 In 2000 he continued his music studies at the Modern Music Academy in Milan.

He took private lessons with the renowned Italian drummer, Agostino Marangolo (Rome).

In 2010 he attended the Collective Music College in Manhattan.


In addition to pursuing his own studies, he’s also been a music teacher since 1998 at several institutions:

Liceo Scientifico Cassini, Genoa IT

Sinafè Music Academy, Genoa IT

Città Della Musica, in Genoa IT

Farrington Music in Burlington, NJ.

 Conducted master classes in percussion at “CDM”and “Percfest”, Italy which is an annual international musical festival and learning symposium.


He’s worked with many Italian jazz, latin, pop and rock bands and theatrical production companies.

He’s also collaborated with Franz di Cioccio (PFM), Korey Riker (John Legend Saxophonist) Emanuele Dabbono (Four Platinum records in 2016) and numerous well-known artists of the American/Italian music scene.


He was dubbed the “Master of Musical Sensitivity” in the February 2012 issue of “Drum” magazine.

He is an artist endorser for both Rotodrum and Saluda cymbals.

In 2016 he become a Certify Member of the “Sabian Education Network”

Today Santo Florelli is ready to release (2018) his first personal album “What It Sounds” and a new musical adventure is ready to begin.





“What It Sounds”   Santo Florelli/Doug Travis (2019 coming soon)


"Best Before Sunrise" single 2018


“Palito Bombon Helado”   APARECIDOS (2012)


“Twelve Days of Fitness”    (2010)


“Lo Que Hay En El Charco”   APARECIDOS (2009)


“Canto Di Spine” ALTERA (2004)